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Quin Community Centre was built in 1940. The Centre is a community based indoor multi-purpose facility used on a regular basis by a variety of voluntary organisations engaged in social, educational, religious, cultural and sporting pursuits based in the parish of Quin-Clooney-Dangan-Maghera.

Title to the Centre is held on behalf of the people of the parish by an ownership trust with a number of local residents acting as trustees. The Centre is run on a day-to-day basis by a Management Committee elected annually by the community and operating under an established constitution.

The Centre is the only indoor multipurpose recreational facility in the parish. It is open to the public for any use which might be deemed by the Management Committee to be of benefit to the community and it operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis. Currently the Centre is used regularly by various groups involved in physical recreation, the arts and education, as well as for community based meetings and social events, concerts and exhibitions.

The Centre is run entirely on a voluntary and not-for-profit basis. It covers its day-to-day costs and routine maintenance by charging for the use of the facility and by ad hoc fund raising. The Centre is a registered charity.

Recently, new universally accessible toilets and a wetroom/changing area have been installed. In addition two new meeting rooms have been refurbished transforming the building into a multifunctional facility capable of being used for a vast number of activities.